What is my painting worth?

What is my painting worth? You might suffer from the pangs of doubts regarding the quality as well as originality of your oil painting. Check out these points and make sure that you do not push yourself into the booby trap laid by fake dealers. 

  • Paying visits to local museums- If you frequent the local museums, then you would surely get to know all the amazing varieties of oil paintings that exist. This way you can also strengthen your knowledge in this trade. You will also develop the necessary vision that can see you through the quality of an oil painting. This way your fear pertaining to what is my painting worth would also fade away to some extent.
  • Getting in touch with the established appraisers- You can get in touch with local appraisers or appraisers available online to have get rid of your apprehension ‘what is my oil painting worth’.
  • Getting in touch with art galleries as well as museums- Art galleries and museums are the hubs where day in and day out numerous oil paintings flock in daily. If you have a doubt in the line of what is my painting worth, you can visit those places. You can check out the other art works carved almost in the same fashion. By taking a scrutinizing look at the style, use of colors, concept and at the same time the aroma of the paint, you can gauge the quality of the artifacts showcased in the art galleries. When you get back home, take a look at the oil paintings that you have purchased, and try to figure out if you notice the same properties in your painting as well. If yes, then you should not bother too much thinking- what is my painting worth? If you don’t find the trademarks of excellence in the painting, then only it becomes a matter of grave concern. 
  • Appraisal certificate of authentication- These certificates would be important if later on anything happens with the oil painting. When you get the appraisal certificates they would contain the exact certified value of the piece. When you get that it would reduce your qualms- what is my painting worth. You need to keep a copy for your insurance agent. 
  • Referrals- When you visit an art dealer to purchase a masterfully handmade oil painting, then the dealer can shower praises on the items for sale. In that case the doubt – what is my painting worth- might sprout in your mind. To gratify your queries you can choose to ask a smart question to the dealer and that is “Can you give me the referrals for the painting?”

Valuation of my painting

Buying an oil painting is not an ordinary bargain. Buying an oil painting stands for giving gratification to the inbuilt aesthetic sense in you. When an ardent oil painting lover buys an oil painting he or she must think – I have to have the proper valuation of my paintings.

If you have to have proper valuation of oil paintings it is important to know the different types of oil painting work such as –

  • Antique Oil Paintings 
  • Framed Art Paintings 
  • Oil Paintings for Sale
  • Original Oil Paintings

Eye on the following measures-

  • Art appraisal tools – If ‘valuation of my painting’ has become a serious threat to your mental peace then you can try the art appraisal tools. There are a number of sites on the internet that offer this kind of specific services.
  • Signature of the artist and brush strokes- Signature of an artist as well as brush strokes are the two most remarkable features that represent an artist. If you know how to read the uses of brush strokes it is not at all a problem to predict whether a particular work has been done by the artist or not. The same thing applies with signature. Every artist has his or her own signature style. Take a close look at the initials that the artist has left on the art work.
  • Artist’s monogram- Taking a close look at the artist’s monogram you can have an idea pertaining to the originality of the work. Then ‘valuation of my painting’ would not spoil your peace.
  • Price- While trying to find an answer to ‘valuation of my painting’ you must not forget the price factor which is perhaps the most important factor to many. An original piece of amazing oil painting work would cost you thousands of dollars. Whereas you can get paintings of the same look at an amazingly cheap rate if it is framed oil painting.
  • Skilled art dealers- If you can get a skilled art dealer on your side then half of the battle is won. With the help of the expert you can get just the right thing. Then ‘valuation of my paintings’ would not be a trouble at all.
  • Online auctions- Online auctions are happening things. Over here you can get the best quality original oil paintings, reproductions and framed oil paintings. You can get some good ones in many local auctions too. You have to empower yourself with the information of these auction venues. You can do it through internet.


Keep a steady focus on all these aforementioned points; you will surely enjoy a fast relief from the constant ‘valuation of my paintings’ syndrome.

Is my oil painting worth something?

There are perhaps some time when the doubt sprouts in your mind from unprecedented corners – is my oil painting worth something? You need not be worried if this question arises in your mind. Here is how you can gauge the value of your oil painting and get the thought ‘is my oil painting worth something’ thrown out of your mind.

Appraiser’s Association of America- You can get enough information on the true value of the oil paintings from this portal.

Art Dealer’s Association of America- This one too is going to be of great help to you. As getting in touch with this organization you will be able to arm yourself with all the required knowledge base that would be a positive response to the deep rooted fear of yours- is my oil painting worth something?

Local appraisers- Try to get in touch with some established local experts who are truly thorough with this subject. You can contact more than one art appraisers because you need the best appraisal to gauge the worth of your painting. 

Take a look at the overall condition of the oil painting – The overall condition of the oil painting too is an important criteria when you start having a doubt in terms of – is my oil painting worth something. It is a reality that if an oil painting is not in a good condition, it is not worth a purchase. It does not matter much then whether it is done by a professional artist or not. 

Get to know the approximate age of the painting – The age of the oil painting too is of significance. It is believed by the industry experts when it comes to the worth or the real value of oil paintings generally those older paintings get paid better than the fresh oil paintings. The worth of the oil paintings start touching heavens in case the artist of the painting is deceased. 

Get to know the value of similar paintings- Try to compare the oil painting you are interested in with the similar works done by other artist. This way you can be crystal clear about how well the artist has done justice to the painting.

Awards and accolades achieved by the artist of the painting- There is another easy way out to your problem ‘is my oil painting worth something’. The solution is, you have to try to trace out how many accolades and awards have been won by the artist whose painting you are going to purchase. By seeing the awards and accolades, you can make an assumption of the worth of the artist.


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