Horse Oil Paintings

Commissioning an oil painting  or oil portrait of your horse can be turning a photograph into a heirloom.  Before you find the right oil portrait artist to paint your horse oil painting you should ask them to provide testimonials such as these at

Commissioned work- The painting looks inspired by an original idea

16. The oil painting of the dark skinned horse against the backdrop of serene nature took me back to those days when I used to roam like a free spirit in the wilderness.


Commissioned work- A praiseworthy horse painting on canvas

17. This custom oil painting is a complete package of colors, strokes and wonderful imagination. In this particular oil painting the artist has truly brought in the beauty of wildlife.


Commissioned work- A commendable lifelike production

18. The custom oil painting of the wild horse has reached my address quite safe and surprisingly soon. Thanks a lot to your entire team.  



Commissioned work- A commendable lifelike production

19. The oil portrait of my horse is done with extraordinary notice to the fine details. It was perhaps the best that I could have possibly expected from you.

Brett Davis


Commissioned work- A real ace art work

20. Really a startling piece of professional work. I am deeply overcome with wonder at the depth of your skills. You truly know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Great conception!

Darren Clayton


Commissioned work- A great compilation of various techniques

21. It goes without saying that all the members are simply stunned by the beauty of the oil painting of our family horse. Recently a close friend of mine has seen it, and is getting ready to place three orders to your company. Great job Guys!

Jimmie Brown



Commissioned work- Great customer support

22. The oil painting of the horse has been delivered today. It is in perfect condition. There was no delay of the shipment too as you had promised. Thanks.




Commissioned work- Unbelievable perfection

23. The painting is beyond any doubt a museum quality oil painting. What is most amazing is the fact that the artist has been able to incorporate so many diversifying techniques such as pastel, charcoal, pencil painting etc.



Commissioned work- A commendable lifelike production

24. I have got just three words to say to felicitate the quality of your service- professional, perfect and punctual.  Truly there can be no match to your quality.



Commissioned work- An admirable lifelike production

25. Getting the oil painting of our beloved horse done from your company was a delightful experience and a wise judgment for me and my wife.

Salvador and Ann


Commissioned work- A commendable lifelike production

26. Thanks a lot for such good sense of time and such great artistry. It has indeed taken all into surprise.

A Brown


Commissioned work- An authentic work to die for 

27. We have placed the oil painting of the wild horse painted by you at the board room of our office. Let me tell you that my management is really happy with me for selecting such a nice piece.


Commissioned work- A commendable lifelike production

28. Both my wife and me are quite happy with the oil painting that we ordered you. Thank you so much.

T. Adams

Commissioned work- A museum quality production

29. It is exactly what I had wanted from you. I am truly glad with the quality of your painting. It is a museum quality production.


Commissioned work- Great photo to oil painting conversion job

 30. The original photo was taken 30 years ago. It had faded. I am amazed that you had managed to come out with such clarity in the oil painting.  



Oil Portraits of Horses

If you produce quality oil portraits of horses then you should have horse oil portrait testimonials such as these.

Oil Painting Horses  

Commissioned work- A creditable lifelike production

1. I just love the way you have painted my horse on the canvas. It is really worth paying for such a museum quality oil painting. I personally feel that any laurel is not enough for you.


 Commissioned work- An original mixed media racing horse oil painting 

2. Great job. I am truly impressed. All that I can say is that I fully believe now that I have put in my money in the very right place.


  Commissioned work- A luminous and lifelike production

3. I presented my best friend the oil painting of the horse on his wedding. Let me tell you it had an amazing effect on him. Everyone that cast a glance at the oil painting of the horse had to say it was ravishing.


 Commissioned work- A commendable lifelike production

4. I am greatly surprised and grateful to you. I presented the oil painting of my horse to my dad on his birthday. I can’t forget the glee in his eyes.


Commissioned work- Original and erudite art work  

 5. An excellent job indeed. I am surely going to recommend the name of your oil painting firm to my friends and colleagues whoever is going to hire an oil painting firm for their personal or professional needs. 


Commissioned work- Acrylic painting of a running stallion

6. The work is remarkably realistic. The most surprising thing is your turn around time. You have really lived up to your promise and delivered the project two days before the deadline. 


Commissioned work- A worthy gift to be treasured in memory

7. Today I have given the oil painting to my husband on his birthday. He was simply awe struck o receive this amazing piece of beauty. However he is happy and that is everything to me.


  Commissioned work- An enviable oil painting

 8. The rendition of the oil painting of my horse from the old photograph was kind of exalting. There is simply no difference between the original photo and the oil painting.


Commissioned work- Shows the imaginative mind of the artist

9. I am extremely contented with the job. Whichever artist you have appointed for the job deserves a standing ovation for it.

Alan Garcia

Commissioned work- A truly elegant piece of work 

10. It is a spectacular oil painting that you have done for my horse.  Every bit of it is fabulous and highly professional.


 Commissioned work- great use of colors

 11. The rich use of colors is the greatest strength of this one. I have remained a professional oil portrait painter for some time. Now I can confidently say by giving the order to you on behalf of our boss I simply made no mistake.


 Commissioned work- A horse painting of great worth

12. The oil painting as well as framing is awe inspiring. I can figure out that you guys have used high quality oil paints. I still enjoy the smell of it.


 Commissioned work- A natural fabrication

 13. I had presented the oil painting of the horse to my son. His reaction was – WOW. Thanks a ton to all of you for bringing this special smile on the face of my son.


 Commissioned work- The white horse in lush green nature – Great view!

 14. The oil painting of my horse is as flawless as the real picture. Indeed the milk white horse in the natural surrounding presents a great view. It has actually been the most favorite thing for me in my flat.


 Commissioned work- laudable authenticity  

 15. This oil painting is an excellent piece of work.   Kindly convey my regards to the artist who has done the job. 

 Tim lee can produce your next horse oil portrait so please contact us for details. 

Oil Portrait Experts Offer Tips

Oil portraits can be commissioned for different reasons and different approaches.  Some successful things to think about when commissioning an oil portrait are:

Top Ten Tips for Commissioning an Oil Portrait

  1. Ask what type of canvas the artists are painting on. Some lower grade portrait and reproduction artists use synthetic canvas. Oil paints loosen off this type of canvas over time, degrading the quality of your painting. A high quality natural canvas is key to preserving the luster of your oil painting.
  2. Make sure your oil painting is hand painted. Read the small print on sites and look for impostors. Many reproduction companies and portrait companies will airbrush their paintings or computer generates them. In a true hand painted work, the artist’s brush strokes will be visible.
  3. Look for artists that will allow you to make changes to the oil painting before it is finalized. Typically portrait artists will allow you to see a draft of the oil painting before it is shipped to you. Make sure that you can make multiple changes if needed and at no additional charge.
  4. Look for companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee. Although this may seem assumed, some art dealers will sometimes take an administration fee, or only offer a partial refund, or in the worse case, no refund at all. A reputable art dealer will ensure that you are completely comfortable in the purchase of your oil painting.
  5. Oil portraits should be painted in high quality oils. Make sure you identify that your painting is created using quality oil paints.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask! A respectable art dealer will be available and will accommodate your needs. Your questions are probably those of many others commissioning portraits.
  7. Portfolios are a great way to choose the artist to create your portrait. Look for online portfolios that display a variety of subjects. Sometimes you can also request an artist that is specialized in the subject matter of your oil painting.
  8. Can you make contact with a representative from the company? Having someone available to guide you through the drafting process of commissioning a portrait is a huge help.
  9. Shop around and compare prices. Although you may find an artist with lower prices, the price can often reflect the quality. An art dealer producing hundreds of lower priced paintings may not consider the quality of their work.
  10. A good indication of a company’s professional nature is the online site they maintain. Someone willing to invest in a user friendly site for their customers often maintains high customer service. They will also be more reliable in providing quality work and shipping your painting to you quickly.

A favorite among clients are pet portraits at  Horse oil portraits and dog oil portraits are one of the top sellers and people trust to produce museum quality oil portraits so it actually is a memory to last a lifetime.  Some oil portrait experts only focus on one style of oil portrait painting whether it is humans or even just facial or horse oil portraits etc.  Prized thorough bread is the perfect specimen to have an oil portrait commissioned for an investment.


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